She Walks in Beauty

I have a confession to make today. While it is typically a grave sin to "self-insert" in one's fiction, some would say I did just that with the use of this song in Black Dust. I am unapologetic, however, as it was a song that has stuck with me the decades since learning, competing with and … Continue reading

Linus and Lucy

I haven't shared Black Dust music with you in a while. It's been such a pleasure to hear that so many of you are enjoying the music in the book. So, I bring you a song that featured briefly near the end, "Linus and Lucy." This version is interesting, as it's sung by only two people who have … Continue reading

Try to Remember

It has been a few weeks since we've heard any music on this blog. And considering that Black Dust comes out in THREE DAYS! it might be time to revisit some of the music that fills its pages. The Fantasticks is a musical first produced in 1960, and ran for 42 years off-Broadway. No, that is not a … Continue reading

Tuning… or spooning?

You know I've waited too long to blog when I have to sign back in to my dash. *sigh* Sorry for that. I got caught up in... you don't want excuses, do you? No. Moving on. A painting by Jean-Baptiste Greuze came across my path this week and it brought back a fun memory from college I thought I … Continue reading

Sonata in A Major

Can revisiting the past set us on a course for our future? What if our future is firmly entrenched in our past? How do you unwind the mess of the past to clearly see your future? For Emmett and Toby, the answer is always in the music: “I want to make music with you, that’s all. We were so … Continue reading