On Looking Back, Pt. II

Last week, I looked back at a favorite childhood staple, Winnie the Pooh, and how the lessons that book series teach can help guide us forward as we face... whatever it is we're facing after last week's inauguration of a new president. Today, I'd like to talk about what started this whole thread … Continue reading

She Walks in Beauty

I have a confession to make today. While it is typically a grave sin to "self-insert" in one's fiction, some would say I did just that with the use of this song in Black Dust. I am unapologetic, however, as it was a song that has stuck with me the decades since learning, competing with and … Continue reading

Linus and Lucy

I haven't shared Black Dust music with you in a while. It's been such a pleasure to hear that so many of you are enjoying the music in the book. So, I bring you a song that featured briefly near the end, "Linus and Lucy." This version is interesting, as it's sung by only two people who have … Continue reading

Liberty Rd. & Rt. 3

The last of the photo tour. I hope you've enjoyed it, and the excerpts of Black Dust. We end our tour in Indiana: Of course it’s a fictional intersection, but in rural mid-America this would be where Toby and Emmett lost–at the time–everything. Years later, it would be where they might … Continue reading

Lincoln Center

While the Black Dust scene at Lincoln Center takes place over the Christmas holiday, that colorful detail is missing in these images. Still, the vastness, the bright shimmering fountain, the reconsideration of dreams lost and found again, those remain the same. Before Tobias could register … Continue reading