Reviews for Beneath the Stars:

FIVE STARS…Beneath the Stars, Lynn Charles’s wonderful contemporary romance novel, connects the dots between unlikely lovers Sid and Eddie as they try to mesh their lives’ eccentric orbits. Taking on serious subjects such as grief, progressive fashion, and co-parenting, this gay romance is ambitious and satisfying.–5 stars, Foreward Reviews

Both men find an instant and sweetly rendered connection, and their early courtship is a delight to read.–Publishers Weekly

The emotional journey from start to end will leave you happy, sad, hopeful, completely gutted, and excited in equal turns. You’ll get invested in the characters and want to see them succeed. You’ll cry with them when things go wrong. And you will feel everything they do because the emotions are so real as you read. I couldn’t put the book down and loved every moment of the story.–5 stars, Molly Lolly Reviews

TOP RECOMMENDATION–This is one of those stories that I can’t wait to tell you I’ve given a 5-star, top recommendation rating to because it just needs to be said right up front.  Sid and Eddie’s story is beautiful-emotional, heartwarming, sad, sweet and was just a joy to read.  The characters are easy to relate to, and in the middle of it all is the incredibly precocious and intelligent Adrian who pretty much steals the show in every scene in which he appears.–Making It Happen Book Blog

Reviews for Black Dust:

Finalist for 2016 Indie Award in Romance. —Foreword Reviews

In this moving and heartfelt contemporary, Charles beautifully chronicles the chaos that results from heartbreak and the agonizing efforts one must make to heal after tragedy…. Readers will agonize, sympathize, and empathize all the way from the beginning of their journey to the end. —Publisher’s Weekly

Armed with a sweetness that reaches the heart, Charles’ poignant novel aligns two distressed souls. Music bonds them together and gives them strength individually as Toby and Emmett renew their spirits in her compelling story. Lyrical prose lends itself to a pleasant read. —4 stars, Romantic Times

… told with skill and compassion by a woman who understands the gay psyche and desires. The author is a fine writer who treats everyone with finesse and tenderness. —American Library Association’s GLBT Round Table

[Lynn Charles’] writing is so epic that you just get lost in the book that you kind of forget it’s not real for a little bit…. From the barista that has to tell us how watching horror movies with his grandma shaped who he is, to the unnamed doorman in New York City that matches with scientific precision for a reason to all of the characters that Toby and Emmett encounter whose story I need to know because even if they’re on page for a paragraph, they’re written with such clarity that I can feel them as real and want to know more about them. Just like Toby and Emmett are real and living and loving in Indiana making beautiful music together that I can almost hear as I read their story. —5 stars, Molly Lolly Reviews

I love books that make me feel, that break me and make me cry, that make me care about the characters and what happens to them and this book is one of those. It’s raw, it’s emotional and it’s heartbreaking…. All in all, a must read, a book that will tug at your heartstrings and make you better just by reading it.–5+ stars, Bayou Book Junkie

Reviews for Chef’s Table:

… sweet debut contemporary … with a delightful pair of protagonists…. the food descriptions and antics of friends, family, and co-workers add spice beyond the central romance. —Publisher’s Weekly

Charles has done an awesome job with this delectable tale of two men with personalities that just don’t quit. Your mouth will water waiting to see who will be the first to take a bite out of the ever-present temptation. Foodies and fans of m/m romance alike will savor every morsel of this story until the last chop drops on the butcher block. — 4 1/2 stars, Romantic Times

CHEF’S TABLE is an engaging story with passionately written characters, mouthwatering word pictures and emotions so honest they were nearly tangible. Evan and Patrick have a unique chemistry that represents the ideal of unconditional love and the supporting characters are both hilarious and enchanting. A true feel-good romance with a happy ever after, CHEF’S TABLE reminded me of the importance of family, love, living life to the fullest and appreciating every day for the gift it is. —5 stars, Carly’s Book Reviews