Virtual Book Tour Continues

This long weekend brought a couple of nice reviews and fun tour stops:

Just Love Reviews gave Beneath the Stars a lovely 4-star review:

I guess what I’m trying to get at is, despite the burdens that each man bears, despite the losses in their lives, this book still feels hopeful. The subject matter may be heavy at times, but the author treads lightly and never loses sight of the fact that this is a love story. This is Eddie and Sid against the world, and as far as I’m concerned, their relationship made this book a delight to read.

Publisher’s Weekly had this to say:

Both men find an instant and sweetly rendered connection, and their early courtship is a delight to read.

And today, I was a visiting author at Parker Williams’ site where I answered some fun questions about Sid and Eddie, like:

Your character is doing intense spring cleaning. What is easy for him to throw out? What is difficult for him to part with? Why?

Eddie has no problem throwing out broken things: crayons, toys, ripped books, tools, furniture. Following Maggie’s lead, he saves about 1/3 of Adrian’s drawings in a box in the garage. He needs to buy a new box soon. In the guest room closet, he has saved boxes of paraphernalia from Maggie: incense and burners, a few favorite pieces of clothing, a couple head scarves and some of the pottery pieces she’d made. He can’t bring himself to display them yet, afraid with the craziness of a five-year-old, they might get broken.

Sid files receipts and invoices relating to Bastra and gets them out of his house and back to Bastra. He tosses carry-out menus he’s not used since his last cleaning, and after a few years, he finally tosses his father’s medical bills and informational pamphlets that his sister shoved into his “you take it” box. What he can’t and won’t part with are the broken field glasses his father used, the chest of fabric that still has swatches from his mother, and of course, her mandir that still fills the corner of his sitting room.

Visit Parker’s site for more of the Q&A and get to know a little more about the protagonists of Beneath the Stars.

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