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“No one calls me Toby now.” Tobias shook his head and hated the worry he saw in Emmett’s eyes. “I’m not that boy anymore… ”

front final“I never expected you to be.” Emmett’s gaze was like fire through Tobias’s skin. “I’m not that boy anymore either.”

Tobias wanted to look away, but was frozen. In spite of the whirr in his ears and the urge to run vibrating in his legs, he was held in Emmett’s gaze.

“Would you prefer I call you ‘Tobias’?”

“No.” It was out before Tobias even considered it. And as he heard it, he meant it. No. This man. This man who knew everything, he had every right to the darkest corners of Tobias’s past. “No. It wouldn’t feel right. Not from you.”

Emmett nodded and grabbed his cane. Tobias winced and looked away from it, his anxiety unreasonable to him in light of Emmett’s calm. But when he dared to look back at Emmett, he saw the mischievous twinkle that he knew well, the one that could quiet the whirr and convince him to stay.

“So… ” Emmett lingered on the vowel and pushed his glasses back on his nose. “If you’re not that Toby anymore, and I’m not that Emmett anymore… who was it that couldn’t resist kissing me?”

Toby closed his eyes and chuckled with pleasure. “Just… me.”

Publication Date: April 7, 2016

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