Postpartum Blues?

chef's jacket ornamentIf only I could have found a white one…

So, my baby is out in the world, which as a parent, I’ve decided is a weird analogy about “birthing” a book. It’s really nothing at all like birthing a baby, having a baby or taking care of one. Because, at delivery, you pretty much have lost all control of what comes next. Your job, other than saying, “Hey! Here’s my baby! Come look at my baby! Tell others about my baby!” is pretty much over.

But, I will still be here, telling you more about my baby. About the people behind my baby (inside my baby? This is getting weird) and hopefully a little more about me too.

To begin, even though Chef’s Table is somewhat of a foodie book, what this site will never become is a recipe site. But! If you enjoyed some of the food of Chef’s Table, and are curious what I think Evan and Patrick might be doing for the holidays in their personal kitchen, or at The Running Duck, head on over to my Pinterest page. I’ll be updating there with some dishes for the holidays, and as time goes on, other dishes and images that were featured in Chef’s Table.

Also, if I could ask but one favor. If you have read Chef’s Table, head on over to amazon or goodreads, even Barnes and Noble, and post a review. Also, if you’re at goodreads, take a look at some of the reviews there and ‘like’ those you appreciate. The more ‘likes’ a review gets, the more visible it is. And of course, it’s nice if the more positive ones are on top! This doesn’t just stroke my ego–because let’s be honest, it strokes my ego–but it also can help sales which really speaks for all authors and publishers of LGBT stories.

So, thank you for all the excitement surrounding release. For buying it. For reading it. For loving it and letting me know you love it.

I’m working on book #2 now, but I’ll be here talking about Chef’s Table while the next one is cooking!

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