Today’s the Day!!

What a way to begin release day! My virtual book tour begins at Molly Lolly. In addition to a fantastic 5-star review, Eddie popped in to visit and talk about his favorite day of all–days off from the fire station.

An excerpt from my post there:

Being chief of the fire department means that anything labeled “day off,” can become anything but in the blink of an eye. I’ve learned over the years to take days off by the horns and go at them full throttle—even if “full throttle” means staying in pjs and marathoning Spongebob Squarepants with my kid all day. And typically, that happens for at least a little while on almost every day off. No kid is raised right without a regular dose of Spongebob.

But when I’m not sprawled out on the couch with my kid climbing all over me sharing a bowl of Frosted Flakes and quoting a sea sponge, I can be found in any number of places. Late summer and early fall it’s next to Sid at the soccer field while Adrian and his 20 closest friends beat hell out of each other’s shins—otherwise known as little league soccer. We end up at the unnamed ice cream shop at the edge of the neighborhood fields where you eat milkshakes like a normal person—with a straw.

Read the rest of Eddie’s thoughts, her fabulous review and enter to win a free copy of Beneath the Stars here.

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