Linus and Lucy

I haven’t shared Black Dust music with you in a while. It’s been such a pleasure to hear that so many of you are enjoying the music in the book. So, I bring you a song that featured briefly near the end, “Linus and Lucy.”

This version is interesting, as it’s sung by only two people who have recorded the voicings on separate tracks, and layered it, both in video and audio. Nifty stuff. Not what happened in the classroom when Toby came for a second visit to Emmett’s school, however.

The students were fully focused on Emmett. It was run-through time. “Just like the real thing,” as he always told them. No stops. All eyes on Emmett. Leave your problems at the door.

They were preparing for the spring concert—a respite from the high-intensity contest season. They sang “Linus and Lucy,” an a cappella version of the piano solo theme song to all the Charlie Brown television shows that everyone knew, regardless of age.

A few students spotted him as they sang, but smiled with their eyes and continued singing. Emmett cut them off from their final ‘dah-daht’—the only words in the song—and Toby stepped forward with generous applause.


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