Liberty Rd. & Rt. 3

The last of the photo tour. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and the excerpts of Black Dust. We end our tour in Indiana:

Of course it’s a fictional intersection, but in rural mid-America this would be where Toby and Emmett lost–at the time–everything.

Years later, it would be where they might be able to begin again.

Toby nodded, turned his attention out his side window and fell silent. Emmett turned right on Liberty Road. Toby took an audible accident-scene3breath and refocused on the road in front of them.

“You okay?”

Toby nodded and stared straight ahead. His breath quickened, and
he reached out for Emmett’s hand.

They passed a stop sign alert—a sign Emmett had forgotten existed until Toby pointed it out, his voice quiet, as if not to rouse any lurking demons. “Has that always been there?”

“No.” It went up not long after their accident. That didn’t need to be said—Toby knew.

… with great purpose, Toby walked the last few yards to the stop sign. He stopped, looked both ways and walked to the center of the crossroads. And then he breathed, let go of Emmett’s hand and looked around: at the corner from which they’d come, the one across on the left and the one on the right and then, to his left—the corner where the car had landed after impact.

A small white wooden cross protruded from the stubble of harvested corn. Toby turned his back to it and looked at Emmett. “It’s just an intersection.”

“To most people.”

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