Bemelmans, Part Deux

2016-04-12 16.28.35One more moment from Bemelmans: Toby seems to know Emmett a bit better than either of them realized:

Emmett looked around the bar. “So, what’s good to drink here?”

Tobias sat back and massaged his chin while he sized up Emmett.
“You look like a… ”

“Oh, stop. You have no idea what I drink.”

“An Old Cuban.” The bar was known for it: rum, champagne and muddled mint—like a mojito after its prom night sexcapades. Perfect.

“You saying I’m old?”

2016-04-12 16.41.56“No, I’m saying you’re Cuban.”

Emmett took a much too large gulp of his drink, but smacked his lips in delight once the taste hit his palate. “I owe you an apology—you do know what I like to drink.”

And that’s exactly what I ordered as well. I cannot TELL you how good it is. Recipe is here, for those who keep these sorts of mixers around. Sadly, we do not. I’ll just have to go back to NYC again. And I will.

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