Book Tour: A Recipe for Love

For my first book release blog stop, I was asked to offer up a “recipe for love.” And I must admit, this one tripped me up. I went to google to see if I couldn’t jump start my brain with something clever or cheesy or, well, let’s use the kitchen puns to their full capacity here, appetizing.

What I found there put a whole new spin on cheesy, taking it straight to saccharine and cloying. As I contemplated the options, all I could hear were my characters offering their own ingredients for the recipe for love.

So, I did what any sane writer does. I asked them. I know you don’t know these characters yet, but hopefully, after reading the answers, you’ll be curious to meet them. They’re all pretty spectacular people in their own ways. Even the not-so-spectacular ones. I’m looking at you, Perci.

Here’s what they had to say to the question, “Give me one ingredient for the recipe for love.”

Ross, maître d:                       Cleavage. Love lasts for about an hour for me.

Natalie, head waitress:         Tenderness

Robin, sous chef:                    That little heart palpitation that stirs you every time they walk into the room

Jay, roundsman:                     ::lifts his hands up:: That move. “Yes, honey.” Punctuated with a kiss just in case.

Johnny, diner owner:             Knowing when to buy her flowers and when to just let her stew

DiSante, Il Boschetto owner: Enough money to send her off to Cabo every six months

Mimi, diner waitress:             Chemistry—like when Patrick makes marshmallows for Christmas. Sugar syrup and gelatin mixed together become this big white fluffy ooze of sugary goodness. That’s what it should be like when two people mix together.

Angel, diner waitress:            Letting her see that you’re not the big dumb brute you pretend to be

Perci, line cook:                      Maybe DiSante isn’t as creepy as I thought. I’ll take the money and go.

Rosey, dishwasher:                 You know what I’ve never had before but I have now? Laughter. That’s the best feeling in the world—laughing with someone.

Roger, porter:                          Ehh, I’m not so good at that love business. A little extra time maybe. Everyone’s always in such a damned hurry.

Patrick, head diner cook:       Passion. In all its forms.

Evan, executive chef:              There has to be a secret ingredient: that one thing between the two of you that drives each other mad—the good kind of mad—that will still every argument, that will soften every harsh word, that will reignite every dulled day. And no, you may not have ours.

I’m not sure how their love stew would taste, but it surely would be a fun ride. And really, that’s what love should be. A fun, joyous ride. A little sweet. A little acid. A lot of chemistry and patience to let it all marry together into one delicious dish.

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